Marketing your home effectively

I will sell your home quicker and net you more money at closing. My marketing plan incorporates the steps shown above into a time frame that matches your needs and expectations.

Market Price

Determining the selling price for your home is the most important step in bringing a home to market. A properly priced home will allow it sell quickly and will likely bring in competing offers and drive up the final price. I will show you how to price your home properly to sell it quickly and for the highest price.

Preparation and Repair

Part of my service is to review the condition of your home to discuss where you may want to invest your time and funds to repair anything required and what tasks need to be done to prepare your home for viewing by prospective buyers. At the minimum, consider a white-glove cleaning a necessity and staging properly is also extremely important.

Market Exposure

With our service, your marketing plan will include:


An online 3D showcase, a true interactive 3D model in which potential buyers are free to roam about at will, discovering each room in all its detail; it’s like holding an Open House at all hours each and every day.

A web page dedicated to the photos and facts that will best present your house to buyers searching online.

All the particulars for listing your house with the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, including photographs, written descriptions, and legal documents.


Ads placed on craigslist, with links to the page dedicated to your house.

The open house; a tried and trued, albeit inconvenient, method of letting the market know your home is available for purchase. I will be hosting these, so you need not be there.

Printed material such as brochures and flyers.

Offer and Inspection

Any sensible, serious buyer will be happy to purchase your house provided it can pass a structural, and possibly, pest inspection. When you accept an offer for your house by signing a Purchase and Sale Agreement, the buyer will have a specific number of days in which to hire a home inspector to examine and investigate the structural state of the home. Based on the inspector’s report, the buyer may have a list of items to be repaired or replaced before he or she is willing to complete the sale.

Sale Negotiation

You can count on me to take your best interests to heart when negotiating a list of requested repairs or any other aspect of the Sale Agreement, from the sale price to the condition of the crawlspace. The time I invest at the start of the timeline now pays off in our understanding of your needs and situation, which guides us in our negotiations on your behalf.

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