Finding the right home

Home Search Strategy

There are four components to a successful home search strategy;

 Define Your Target Home

You’ll want a solid concept of what will be the best home for you, answering questions such as: how many bedrooms you’ll want as a minimum, what size garage you’ll need and, if you need a backyard, how large should it be? When you have those answers in writing, that list describes your target home. The next important factor is the price range you can afford and I can help you get pre-qualified so you will know what you can financially handle.

Find Your Target Home

Knowing the type of home you want and the price range you can afford, I can help you find homes for sale that fit your purchase criteria in the areas you define. I’ll help you identify the homes of greatest interest to build a list of prospective properties to view at your convenience.

Drive by BEFORE you view them inside

Now it’s time to drive to your top prospects and see what’s actually there. Have questions ready to apply to each home: in what condition is the neighborhood and how well do you like it; how close are the other basic services you will need daily and weekly such as shopping and access to transportation, where are schools located (they will affect you with traffic patterns whether you have children or not), what sort of commute to work will you have if you live there? Keep notes on the pros and cons of each house so you can tell how they stack up against each other when you get back home to compare them. Ultimately select the three or four homes you’d most like to visit to view their interiors.

Visit and Compare

Once you have your top prospects to visit, I will arrange for you to view those homes. When you visit each home, take pictures to fill in any angles not found in the online photos and add to the notes you started so you can compare these top prospects once you’ve visited them all. When you decide on your top prospect, I will proceed to prepare an offer on that home.



Home-buying process


The details can build up quickly, but you’ll have the confidence to deal with each and all when you know the sequence of events you’ll follow.The details can build up quickly, but you’ll have the confidence to deal with each and all when

First time home-buying

If you’re a first-time buyer in the residential home marketplace, you’ve got a lot of new information to tackle. I can help you learn what you need to know, from finding a home to financing its purchase, when it’s relevant to introduce each progressive item


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